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Finding the right Insurance for your farm; we can help with that...


Since Nokomis Insurance was founded in 2000, Farm Insurance has been a cornerstone of our insurance products. Our agents know that you have worked hard to building your farming operation into a successful business.  Protecting your livelihood is of the greatest importance to us and as your operation has grown, it’s important to make sure your insurance policy has grown with you.

At Nokomis Insurance we are dedicated to providing you the farm insurance coverage you need to protect your operation.  We have a great line up of partners with a variety of custom coverages that your operation might need.  A typical farm policy can be as small as coverage for your home and outbuildings and the land you cash rent to a large operator with employees and a fleet of vehicles.  Whether you’re a small or large operator, we understand the need to protect your greatest asset properly.   Designing a farm policy to fit your needs is what we are good at and we have a special team of agents to help you build the right policy for you.  Farm Insurance requires a special level of expertise and knowledge and our agency can provide expertise that many cannot simply because we have agents who are also active farmers!


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